Partnering with Tandem ITS means that we can scale our support services as you need them!

Tandem ITS clients engage with us on different levels depending on their needs. These needs may be a straight forward, single routine all the way to complete IT management outsourcing. Let us talk with you on what your needs and challenges are. At Tandem ITS, we are confident we can provide the expertise, resources and budgets to accommodate your IT objectives.

inTandem™ Managed Service Plan choices need to be based on the number of seats/desktops/servers and storage being supported and certainly service-levels. We look forward to consulting with you on what the best coverage would be.

inTandem™ Standard inTandem™ Select inTandem™ Premium
On-site IT Support 4 hours 8 hours 16 hours
Emergency Service Crash – 4 hour response / 1 to 2 hour Cloud response 2 incidents 4 incidents 6 incidents
Number Of People 10 – 25 25 – 75 75 – 250

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