Tandem ITS BDR provides our clients with total peace of mind by ensuring their entire business will remain productive, responsive, and profitable through even the most significant network failures through reliable and effective IT disaster recovery.

To guarantee true business continuity, we give you immediate access to your secure environment including critical data, servers, applications, network, and users. Tandem ITS BDR is a fully managed disaster recovery and business continuity solution avoiding the need for our clients to procure servers, licensing, replication software, and collocation fees.

Tandem ITS partners with an award-winning provider of hardware-based on-site and off-site backup and disaster recovery solutions Specifically, our BDR partners simplifies and streamlines the backup process through inverse chain technology, which always keeps the newest full backup at the front of the incremental chain. This technology takes data directly from the server and creates virtual machines (VMs) every time a backup occurs and then stores the data in that state on the local device.

Straight to VMDK files means there’s no risk of file damage because the base image is always the newest. Since each backup is a VM, there is no need for a conversion process to occur before performing a restore, no need to worry about an incremental being damaged and no complicated roll-up process.

Why Tandem ITS for your BDR needs…

  • Up to 40TB on-site and off-site backup
  • Five minute setup
  • Certificate-based authentication
  • Powerful scheduling
  • Enhanced security
  • Detailed reporting
  • Improved data deduplication
  • Multiple domain support
  • Automatic retry/repair of failed backups
  • Lower CPU overhead
  • Disk I/O scheduling
  • 3-year hardware warranty

With Tandem ITS, everything is taken care of for you, including a thorough pre-install assessment, successful implementation and dedicated maintenance. Our solutions exceed most data continuity requirements for businesses required to meet strict compliance regulations.

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