Tandem ITS Cloud Desktop service is an affordable, flexible and scalable solution for organizations that want their applications and data hosted in the Cloud accessible from anywhere on nearly any device, including PCs, notebooks and tablets like the iPad. Tandem ITS offers all of this in three ways: From our data center, a hybrid solution or locally on your premise. Cloud Desktop is a revolutionized and affordable way for companies who want to host their applications and data in the Cloud resulting in accessibly from anywhere on nearly any device.

Importantly, we all know providing traditional hands-on technical support for individual workstations can consume a great deal of time and resources. Labor-intensive workstation support can prevent your IT staff from taking on more strategic projects in your organization. Let your IT staff focus on what they are paid to do and let Tandem ITS deliver expert technical support at the workstation level for all of your users, at any location.

With your desktop in the cloud, you will save money and time while Tandem ITS manages and fixes the majority of technical issues automatically, in the background and before major problems arise. Tasks such as performance tuning, disk space monitoring, anti-virus scans, software updates and more are done proactively, and remotely. If a problem is detected, our help desk is notified and corrective action is taken — most of the time without a user even realizing they have had an issue. Again, our service desk engineers operating live, can troubleshoot the vast majority of PC desktop issues as if they were standing right there beside you. Additional services are easily added and automated such as: Automated Alerts, Software License Management, PC Inventory, etc….


Same concept as “Hosted,” but the the difference being that the “Local” cloud is housed at your location versus in a data center. With Local Cloud Desktop we build, install and support your private cloud on location at your main office. The Corp HQ users, users at branch offices, remote users, and mobile users, etc…will all access their desktops just as they would with the Hosted Cloud Desktop, all while Tandem ITS monitors and manages your servers remotely and on-site as needed. Really, our Local Cloud Desktop solution is intended as a first step towards the Hosted Cloud Desktop for those who are ready to move toward the cloud but have key concerns preventing a full migration to the Cloud.

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